My friend, don’t go, don’t leave me alone
From buds to flowers we have grown,
We’ve seen the sun rise together
All of me, you have known.
It took us time to know each other
But soon there was a pleasant weather,
We watched the rains cross the Ganga
With love in hearts, sitting together.
You chased your dream running with me
A bright future we both see,
Our paths diverged, though common goals
Part of your present, let me be.
Anger, pain, agony we share
In happiness and joy we do pair,
Then why the distance comes in between
Silent prayer; god, this is not fair.
Summer, winter, spring and rain
Sweating in the sun, jumping the drain,
Bearing the cold, the winds chill
Facing life, smiling in pain.
Why my friend, you don’t miss me?
We used to sing sitting under a tree,
You promised we will always be mates
Come back, I need you, I pray on my knee.
And so the city beckons her mate
Nothing can she do except wait,
You know my friend, I have left my soul
My mind searching the soulful goal.

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