Last week, I asked my bro
What kinda hobby he holds
The usual rattling of a list began
Reading, writing, singing and rest of the clan…
Disheartened, I smiled in vain
And took him for a walk down the lane
And then the small story unrolled
Past the years, my mind unfurled….
He asked me then the question reverse
And expected an answer as diverse
After a moment’s thought, I told mine
“Hey bro, what is a hobby, please define!!”
Lost in thoughts he again looked at me
Criss crosses on his face, I could see
I told him hobby is a singular phrase
You cannot have more than one craze
One thing you like to do the best
This comes to you naturally above the rest
What you pursue not only in leisure time
But for what you dig out parts of life line!!!
Hey Nielsen, we all know,
We are loosing life as the seconds go,
So every night when you lay down on bed
Count your moments fruitfully spend
Make it a point to run the counter everyday
And make sure it increases day by day
Hobby will help get the feat
Pursue your dreams and get the heat….
My hobby is writing poetry
Though still ripe and unpolished
From today on I will pursue my dream
Writing poetry every week and gleam….

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