I Pledge, I promise


Limp whilst I walk, tears whilst I sleep

Swollen nerves, sore feet, Pain is ever so deep,

Knees wobble, limbs are weak

Tummy rumbles, signals it’s bleak,

Greys and wrinkles, eyes barely see

Perpetual thought, is that me?

As I answer my question, yes it is me

Will dust off worried and skeptical self,

Wash and clean, the best it could be

Today as dawn breaks, I promise myself,

Will and self-love stand tall and strong,

As strength and peace beckon,

I pledge to my very own self, I devout.


This post has been written for BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm.
Day 7 Prompt ā€“ Promise

4 Replies to “I Pledge, I promise

    1. Thanks for reading Mithila. Yes, I have learned the importance of self love the hard way. It’s good to realise and take control rather than regret.

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