I am grateful #FridayReflections


Grateful for the rose bush tucked away unseen,

As spring unfurls, my hopeful eyes see some green,  

One little rose bud plays peekaboo,

To the winter I bid adieu.

Grateful for the beats the drummers play,

The peppy tunes making my day,

As I dance unbound, and twirl around,

My ears hear the magical sound.

Grateful for the cake the baker bakes,

Varied flavours, and scented glaze,

As I smell the heavenly aroma with a joyous smile,

And bite in the piece, soft, spongy, fragile.


Written as a Friday Reflection, prompted by Sanchie Vee who blogs at Living My Imperfect Life

13 Replies to “I am grateful #FridayReflections

    1. So true.. only if we glazed our acts with gratitude, the world will become a better place ??

    1. Thanks for reading Parul. Indeed all our joys lies within us. And that’s what we should be grateful for. 🙂

    1. Mardi Gras sounds quite fun. Such joyous festivals are celebrated all over the world. After all its a celebration of life! I was referring to spring season which is knocking at our doorsteps in London, but as I said, its life that we celebrate!

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