My dear T

My dear T, do not worry,

You’re dis-balanced, disarray, do not feel sorry,

You’re teary eyed, walk muddy feet and bruised your knee,

I have wiped them all, can you see?


Thousand of words you can not say,

But your tight hug makes my every day,

Your hands shake, the spoons fall,

Don’t worry, I will pick them and clean them all.


My dear T, you do not have the might to write,

Zillions of thoughts, but are shining bright,

White canvas, colours of all hue and shade

Your every painting is lovelier than ever made.


The one who wins is alone dear T,

Pick your paint brush, and smile for me,

The world applauds the one who dares

My dear T, it’s the fault in our stares.



I am participating in Bar-A-Thon, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm. This challenge is to write seven posts in a series, every alternate day beginning June 17th. This is my first post, and today’s prompt is – “The fault in our stares“. 

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    1. True. It’s improving, but it needs a lot more compassion and understanding. Thanks for dropping by!

    1. Thanks for reading Parul. This isn’t full fiction and words can’t describe to what I feel about T.

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