2015 – The year of Patience

This post was long due. I am late in reminiscing the year that just went by. I wanted to write this post for Blogadda #TalesOf2015. I didn’t make it on time, but it doesn’t stop me from writing this post anyway.

It was my birthday yesterday. Another year went past. I grew one year older, some more grey hair, some more wrinkles, some more old age pains, some more memory loss. Oh, but not to forget, a year wiser. As 2015 came to a close, I realized it was one of the longest years of my life. There were the usual 365 days in 2015, but it seems to me like a decade. There are varied reasons for the elongated period, including my big move to England from the Nordics. But I am not here to discuss the tough anticipations, anxious moments, and jittery decisions we made as a family. I am here to discuss the learning and accomplishments of 2015.

  • Patience is a virtue. As 2015 unfurled, I attained this virtue. It is like controlling your mind. Once your mind and thoughts align with what life asks from us, patience follows.

  • I read a book by Susan Cain – “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”. It was suggested by my friend. This book changed my life. I started getting aware of my personality. I tried to read myself, my past, my choices, my interests. 2015 helped me realize that I have an introverted personality. As a layman, this word refers to someone who has an unacceptable personality trait of being quiet or shy. An introvert person is more than that. An introvert person is like me. I am glad I read the book. I am at peace with myself, no more trying to fit in the society which can’t stop talking. They need people to listen, people like me.

  • This year helped me have faith in myself. It steered me towards my passion for books and writings. The year didn’t succeed in making me reach any goal. But it prepared me for the future. I will discuss this in another post later this month. I got published in Huffington Post. This would not have been a big achievement if it was not the first time I had a submission. After a lot of thought, I bought my own domain on my name. It’s ingrained in me to develop myself and try to pursue my dream. (You may like to read the post here – Vogue-film-delivers-an-important-message)


  • I was waiting to write this one. I had a difficult 5 years with regards to social life. I think I was misunderstood throughout. A big chunk of this is owing to me being an introvert trying hard to fit in the circles. I lost many friends. 2015, (and a part of 2014 as well) managed to see me more open about myself. I started giving myself more space, letting me be me. People acknowledged the change. I started interactions of my choice. Not trying to fit in anywhere and everywhere. I found meaningful and true friendships. I am one lucky person to have some friends back. Back from doubts, back from distrust, they who had retreated from me. This happens to the blessed. I am glad God chose me for this gift of love and friendship.


I have a lot to ask in 2016, which I will share in a later post. For now, I would like to bask in what 2015 offered me. Counting my blessings never felt better.

You may like to hear Susan Cain here – Susan_cain_the_power_of_introverts

Signing off from England!

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