..and back!

Hola my space, my blog, my fellow bloggers, my readers,

After a good three years, I am ready to get back to the one thing I passionately pursued a few years ago – Arpita’s Thoughts – that is my blog. Since the last three years, I have kept it alive, but not kicking. Thanks to Blogchatter, it might start kicking off the field before taking the plunge into the beautiful world of words.

I was looking through my previous writings just to feel immensely proud and surprised in equal measures. It was heard to believe that I am the author of some of my own posts. I will post links to couple of my favourite on socials this month.

To begin with writing, I am particiating in Blogchatter’s Write A Page A Day event during the month of February. The goal is to write 10000 words by 29th February. An update about each day will be available on my social handles. Wish me luck!!

PS – Shout out to Afshan from The Pensive, who has been nudging me since a few months to restart writing. Afshu – I still have the semi finished drafts on the prompts you shared. I will publish them soon.

See you all folks around!

Love and laughter


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  1. Welcome back
    Have a happy writing period!
    Also there is a typo. Pardon my eyes…heard instead hard is in the post
    Just like u I also check my old posts, get shocked and also happy 🙂

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