Virtue of prayers #ATOZCHALLENGE #1000SPEAK

 As I write this, somewhere in the world, a few thousand kilometers away, a young boy is half buried deep in rubble. His body is covered with dust and cement. He is not sure whether his body below the waist is mobile or not, for he cannot feel his lower limbs. His arms are fractured, he can feel the pain (atleast his arms are not paralysed). His throat is parched, with sand and sawdust. A few minutes back, he was building a wooden doll house for his little sister.  His sister maybe lying under the rubble, too deep to be rescued, ever.


A natural calamity devastates the country, the city, the village, the houses, the surroundings. They are rebuilt. Aids fly from all countries. The relief funds pour in money – dollars, euros, rupees. But none can find the young boys little girl, who, ran around the small kitchen garden singing the latest bollywood song, while her brother was sawing the wood plank.

20 alphabets down in this AtoZ Challenge, I had thought of injecting more positivity in my posts. But the earthquake in Nepal shook me. The tremors were felt till New Delhi, where my parents live. Sitting thousand of kilometers away, I feel helpless. I can never be with them when they need me, in real time. What do I have, except my prayers.  I believe in the virtue of prayers, for me God exists. He is watching me and you. So I trust him.


So dear Lord, as I lay my faith in you
And believe you to be true
Fathom the super power
And bow my head lower
Mom says prayers if pure
Heal and cure
So deal Lord show me today
My soul searches, what does it say
Show me that you care
Plead the virtue of my prayer
This post is written as the twenty second in the series of AtoZ challenge and a part of #1000speak
My theme is “Compassion” and today’s thought is based on
“Virtue of prayers”

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