It Happens by Karan Sharma

Title – It Happens

Author – Karan Sharma

Genre – Romance

Number of pages – 168

Language – English

Formats – Paperback, Kindle

Publisher – Notion Press Inc


The story revolves around a twenty-five year old gentleman Gautam and thirty-seven year old lady, Roshni, who work in the same organization, and fall in love despite their age difference. The young couple shares a strong bond of love and are ideal companions for each other.  Both being highly ambitious and eager to climb the corporate ladder, juggle their professional and personal lives.  Whilst they share mutual affection and are confidantes to each other, the circumstances around them create apprehensions about their relationship due to the twelve year age gap. An unmissable opportunity for Gautam to move to Singapore creates a mental rift and physical distance between them. Will they be able to overcome the trepidation or they give in to the societal norms? Will their love and commitment to their relationship stand against all odds fearlessly?

Characters and writing style

The story involves some strong characters such as Gautam’s friend and colleague, Rohit, and his sister Richa, both of whom play an important part building the twist in the tale. Gautam’s parents have been characterized well moving with the times. I would have liked to see a similar strong character build up for Gautam and Roshni as well. Roshni’s character has been especially vague, and her side of the story seems to have been built up hurriedly. The authors writing style is quite simple, and easily comprehensible, though a language can be upped a little to align with prolific readers across the world.

My review

The title of the book is apt, and it enticed me to read the book. The storyline is brilliant and the characters all fit in the right places as well. The story maintains a pace and twists keeps the reader glued. The story has some loose ends though. The characters like Sonal and Gautam’s parents are brought in and out very quickly. There are instances which need a more elaboration but have been skipped.  The age difference has been defined as energy, stamina, and withering looks. Whereas in my opinion there is much more in a relationship with an age gap, such as maturity, outlook towards life, interests etc. These could have been brought out to help the metrosexual reader identify with the characters. The length of the book is not doing justice to the plot, and as a reader, I have been left longing for more detailed exploration of the thought-provoking story.

I would rate the book 3.5 out of 5.

About the Author:

“Writing stories is a passion. Making people emote to these stories is priceless.” – Karan Sharma

After more than twenty years of working in a highly successful family business and owning a popular brand in the interiors industry, Karan decided it was time to get into self-publishing and rekindled a latent passion for writing that he had developed after his college days, leading to his first book – “It Happens”. Follow him at:

Facebook: @thekaransharma18
Twitter: @thekaran_sharma 
Instagram: @thekaran_sharma 

* I received a review copy of the book from  The Book Club in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. *

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