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I got this book  – “Battle of Bittora” on the shelves of a good friend. That was the only “light” read amongst the whole set of non fictions. I picked it up. I had heard about the title earlier. Once I started the book, I couldnt leave it, and finished it in 3 days (ofcourse it wasnt 24*3 hours). If you are a real die hard romantic “fool”, this book is meant for you. Love, blossoming between a handsome hunk and an Indian beauty (not the bollywood type good looks though). I am one of those real romanctic dreamers, and so not to mention I fell in love with the storyline, the characters, the plot, and “Battle of Bittora” (BoB) became one of my favorite rom-com novel.

Next, I ordered a set of books from Amazon, and while browsing, I found a couple of books by “Anuja Chauhan”. Well, Anuja of the BoB fame. I instantly ordered “The Zoya Factor”. History repeated itself, and I picked up the pick and this time finished it in couple of days (thanks to a relaxed work schedule).

Both the books have a striking similarity. Similar plot, similar love lorn, lustful characters. Similar family emotions in the beautiful blossoming love story. Intriguing. 

The Zoya Factor was the first one, and what a successful one. It was rated among top 5 in many newspaper rankings. A rom-com with the spice of Cricket, the angry young cricket captain Nikhil Khoda (we Indian’s worship cricket) and a young girl next door Zoya Solanki, and the superstition. Zoya could make or break a cricket match because she was born at the very second when India won the Prudential World Cup in 1983. Nikhil was a true believer of hard work, and “luck” was not in his dictionary. Wow!! And love blooms!! 
BoB is the second release of Anuja. With this book, Anuja touched the close-to-Indian-heart topic – “Elections”. Be wherever, we will follow the Election season, state by state, constituency by constituency. Vidhan Sabha, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, any Sabha, President Prime Minister or Sarpanch – all elections are a matter emotional connect. And so, love during election campaigns, oh wow!! That two a hindu muslim love. The plot was excellent.

Though, “NOTHING OFFICIAL ABOUT IT” – In both the books Anuja could do a lot more though. At some places it seems a true dream (ZF : Cricket captain meets Zoya Solanki near a poolside in a hotel at 12am in the night to discuss the email his coach wrote to the Board of Control chief, no1 notices!! Bwaahhh) And that is why this storyline could be  the bext feed for bollywood superhits. 

But, and a big but – WHO CARES!! Because – Anuja Chauhan – YE DIL MANGE MORE!!! 

So Miss OYE BUBBLY @Anuja Chauhan – When is your next book release??

PS: All views of this blog are personal, and my own, with Arpita Sharma copyrights. 😉 

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  1. Not sure who commented, I cant see any name, but initials of book names are not quite appropriate. I used it because I am always in a hurry :(. There is no hard n fast rule. The book name remains “Battle of Bittora”. 🙂 and I took the “o” out of it and used it as BoB.

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