Simple pleasures with a friend for life

I was lying on my back, on the big swing, staring at the blue sky, the white clouds drifting slowly across. My 5 year old was lying beside me. 🙂 His curious question came up next. “Mom, why do we have a big blue hole in the sky?” “Vihaan, that part of the sky is clear, the clouds haven’t yet covered it with their blanket..”. “Oh, OK mom, I thought its a monster’s burrow”. 

Before relaxing on the swing, we had done some football passing practise, skipped rope, played stapo, went round and round on a merry go round, and jumped the trampoline. Well, we needed a break. 

Later we went to the supermarket. Standing in front of the chocolate shelf, we decided. “No mum, we have to be strong, so no chocolates. You already had some ketchup in the afternoon today, which is bad for your health.” 

Last week, there was a leaking water tank at the Söder Hospital, next to Vihaan’s school. The water was gushing down in a stream down the road. Thus began some fun, which converted into experimentation mode. How does the water flow stop when we put our foot on the drain. And similar stuff. 15 minutes well spent, irrespective of the passerby’s staring at us. After all it was raining as well, at 5pm in the evening. Time to go home lady. 

As Vihaan just pushed me into fixing the dry clothes from the laundry, and putting them back in the almirahs – a job pending since a week, a sudden calmness engulfed me. Enjoying these simple pleasures, I have a made friend for life. Vihaan my son. Love you darling. 

Linking this post to Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) April 2014. 

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