Before she knew, the twisting and winding path took her deep into the pine forest. She turned around to see if there was a trail, but all she could see were the tall coniferous trees. Still, silent, observant of the entangled thoughts. She felt goosebumps on her soft skin. What if this was a black hole of pines? The only saving grace was the bright sun, playing hide and seek. There were no clouds, but the pines were tall enough to block the light every now and then. 

Her feet started aching. Her head was spinning. The beautiful wonderland forest was becoming a maze of illusions. The green pine trees, lined in rows, with mountains in the backdrop, looks prettier in pictures. She was thirsty, and her stomach was growling. She called out for help, but there was no reply. She didn’t pay much heed to the chirping, or the rustling. Tired, broken, and with lost hope, she rested herself on a flat stone. The stone was wet. She closed her eyes, and drifted away to sleep. She dreamt of her childhood days, spent in the woods of her hometown. It was a small town, with dense forests. She knew the trees, the shrubs and the creepers. They grew up together with her. The riverbed was her afternoon hideout. 

A familiar sound woke her up. It sounded the same, like the gushing of the clear stream. She pulled herself up. A bit of hope fluttered in her heart. Climbing higher up the rock, she raised herself on her toes, just to sight a clear sparkling stream of water. The sun rays created a mystical glistening sight. She slowly but steadily walked up to the stream, cupped the crystal clear water, sipping the drops. Her lips quivered, he heart jostled the lost hope. Walking along the bank of the stream, she could see the clear blue sky, the green path ahead. It was no longer meandering aimless. 

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