This or that – a fool’s story

As a rule, man is a fool.

He wants cold when it is hot, and hot when it is cold!

I am not sure which intelligent soul set this bang on theory. I heard about it when I was in school, on the verge of deciding my major. Never did it cross my mind that my life will be stuck around this theory day and night, year after year.

It was a bright and sunny day today. Stockholm waits for this kind of weather since previous year’s November. And it is finally here – out of the darkness, when you go to work in dark, and come back in dark. The only time you can see what is next to your building is for a couple if hours during the day, when you are engrossed in the zillions of tasks at hand at the office desk. Anyways, coming back to the sun, Vihaan and I got ready, all ecstatic and vibrant, to go running. the plan was run/ skateboard to the park, and have ice cream while watching the ducks at the lakeside. We implemented the whole plan.

While coming back, as intuition struck, I bought a strong sunscreen, the one with 50+ SPF. I reached home, with red neck, and red arms, itching, scratching, highly irritated. It had come back, again this year – “the sun allergy”. Rubbed a thick layer of soothing calamine lotion, while thinking about penning this down. I remember the doctors asking me before prescribing medicines – “kisi cheez se allergy yaad kijiye” (are you allergic to something?).

So I want the winters back now, so that I can safeguard my skin from my nails, they have already bruised some skin.

Referring to the above theory, another totally unexpected incident goes like this. I recently bought my domain name, and moved from blogger to wordpress. You are right, I am still working on blogger. Read on. I got it done professionally. After spending quite a lot of mullahs, I am totally dissatisfied with the new site, new theme, new widgets, new concept, everything. The team did a fantastic job, exactly as per my requirements. Alas, as a rule, I am a fool, I want hot when it is cold, and cold when it is hot!

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