Independent we are – Tricolour and me


I adorn your jersey, your cap, your band

In your win, together we spark

I fly high whilst you make me stand

On mountain peaks, borders and park

I am the tricolour, I make you proud

Salute me, bow down with respect 

With head held high, no doubt no cloud 

Homage to thee, in storm they resurrect 

You and me are joyous today

Both are free to live and breath

Free to eat, drink and play

Remember them as you place the wreath 

They who cared no more of pain 

No love, no play, no choice, no rights

They dreamt for us, not let us wane

Commemorate their sacrifice 

Gandhi, Bhagat, Patel and Bose, 

Nehru, Azad, Laxmi Bai, Mangal Pandey

Amidst dirt and filth, they stood and rose

Gratitude to our martyrs this day

Let’s pledge for them, me and you will act gallant 

Every day and every night 

Live life, free and good, and then die triumphant 

Indians be world’s beacon of light 


Jai Hind! 

8 Replies to “Independent we are – Tricolour and me

  1. Love the post Genz, I was almost waiting foe something of this sort from you! And I just adore the ‘beacon’ of light in the end, it’s just too cute to handle :*

    1. Thanks Chitz. even though I live miles away from my motherland, I feel ecstatic on such patriotic occasions – our Independence day being one of the most important one.

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