Dreams and wishes are here to stay

Plush blue carpet, teak wood floor

Clear glass windows, little white door

Creamish peach couch, red cushions

Tea, cakes and tinge of magical infusion 

Sunshine peekaboo’s behind the green leaves

Dew dries off, as he picks twigs of greens

Thick Harry Potter and cursed child commands

Drink my potion, do the famous trance

Nudge and grudge and constant lurk

Mommy’s rajma chawal, the usual perk

Armchair creaks, it’s rocking since dawn

It isn’t aware, the story’s unborn 

Notorious little iPad asking to be picked 

The last pale yellows still to be licked

Pending blog post, looming deadline

Someone get my cheese and wine 

Wine is rich and fingers itch 

The story seems to find its pitch

Typing fast, amidst thoughts minds delve 

Signing off, as the clock strikes twelve

A faint “mommy, come here” beckon

It must be the telly, I reckon 

Then a tight a bear hug, and sweet wet kiss,

Engulfs me as my dream I miss

The dream keeps coming back

For now it’s tucked in the rack 

Wishful thinking burns bright 

Some day it will surely see light 

This post has been written for BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Day 4 Prompt – Wishful Thinking

3 Replies to “Dreams and wishes are here to stay

  1. There are so many things on our wish lists, and yet we often end up doing focusing our attentions on things that are completely random, and don’t figure into our goals! And maybe that’s the cause for wishful thinking!

    1. Thanks for reading Jai, and thanks for the constant support. I adore you for following your heart, and wish some day I will follow mine as well 🙂

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