The silver serene ball and she



Driving down the highway

Lashing rains washing the wheels

Wipers loosing the battle

Patters turn wild

Noisily disrupting the symphony

He missed her, yearned for her smiles

She would have rolled down the window

Letting the raindrops in for a while

Her presence hovering

Her thoughtful gestures and strong mind

Her innocent heart and truthful smile

All of her is ever so kind

Her thoughts, they cast a spell

the dark clouds paved way

Dusk crawled in

Blending colors, orange and grey

Then suddenly the silver serene ball

Peered out of the notorious cloud

Beaming, glowering, large and round

Bringing in memories afresh, left me spellbound

Poem inspiration and Picture courtesy – Sid Balachandran who pens ever so beautifully at I Wrote Those


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