Fragile Lives


Her heart is neither pure nor strong

Her thoughts are neither right nor wrong

She’s timid and scared, but survives

Fragile lives..

She is old, weak and falling apart

But sails still on the sinking yatch

She can’t swim, there’s no land in sight

Fragile lives..

Her failures form her identity

World zooms past with ferocious velocity

She suffocates as her pride dives

Fragile lives..

Anger, distrust, tears and pain

Plastering with love, all in vain

Broken hearts fail to revive

Fragile lives..

You are our only ray of hope

Tying us together with a silken rope

Don’t stretch, don’t cut, neither scissors nor knife

Fragile yet hopeful lives..

This post has been written for BAR-A-THON by Blog-A-Rhythm.

Day 3 Prompt – Fragile Lives


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