Curious case of arranged marriages – Caught red-handed

Indian weddings are a celebration. In most of the cases, this lifetime event is characterized by grandeur, pompousness, high decibel levels, extremely musical, peppy and highly animated. The bride and groom are lost in transition, parents are busy during the day spending extravagantly, and accounting for it all night. The relatives are busy eating, dancing, singing, catching up with family members, talking about eligible bachelors next in the queue and their earning potentials.

Icing on the cake is if it is an arranged marriage. So the bride doesn’t know the groom and vice versa. Fun!! Well, as I say in most of my posts, I can write heaps about it. Therefore I come back to the post.

One of the most memorable weddings I have attended is of my masi’s (mum’s sister). The prompt for today took me down the memory late and a small anecdote from that wedding. The grand Indian summer, sweaty wedding was full of laughter and joy. Masi was the youngest of all siblings, most pampered and most loved! Mausaji was the youngest sibling in his family as well. They were young, two months of courtship, in love, and the wedding was arranged.


On the D day, we all were decked up (my mom was literally painted). Masi was dressed in a beautiful red saree, with a golden dupatta. Walking down the aisle, she looked beautiful. Shy and pretty bride, with hopes and dreams, looking forward to start a new phase of life with her beloved. And there was mausaji (my uncle) waiting for his bride to step up on the podium and be right next to him. All this was getting recorded by the video cameraman – every step the bride takes was being recorded. Masi got on the podium with some help from my mum. All this was getting recorded as well. Well, the rest of the events unfolded and then the happily everafter phase did arrive.

Cut to two weeks later. We all were really excited when the video film cassette arrived. Jalebis and samosas were ordered, VCR and color TV was rented, and a bunch of us sat together munching and watching the video. A beautiful (a bit garish with flashy screens etc) video, with songs for every sequence. And then the scene where masi gets on the podium. And mausaji steals a look staring at masi, while everyone else was busy showering flowers and joking around. That moment, when mausaji was caught red handed, not by anyone, but by the camera, and that moment when it was all captured and saved for a lifetime.


The cassette has been converted to a CD and the film is also available on the USB drive. We have projectors and HDTVs (probably more advanced stuff which I am not really aware of due to lack of interest). But that moment remains etched everywhere, whenever we watch the video, be it any platform, that scene splits us all.  Memories, never meant to be forgotten.

I leave you with a son which was used in the video and is one of masi’s all time favorite.


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Day 4 Prompt – Caught red-handed|

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  1. Awww…that was so cute!
    The song portrays young love and the initial days of courtship filled with hope and anxiety so well.

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